Creative Décor Solutions With Double-Duty Storage

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Apartment décor is a fun thing to plan. Whether it’s your first apartment or you’re an experienced apartment dweller, you’ll find that these décor solutions that serve double duty as clearly disguised storage can help fit so much more living into your space. These are some outstanding solutions to consider.

Mirrored Jewelry Cabinets

These clever storage solutions offer a way to store your favorite jewelry items without taking up much floor or shelf space at all. In fact, some varieties allow you to mount the cabinet on your wall, reducing the floor space required to the lovely number of “0.” You will find options available in a variety of wood finishes and can even paint them to match your walls, so they take up very little “visual” real estate in your apartment too.

Storage Ottomans

These are sure to become fast favorites in your apartment. Not only do they offer clever storage for board games, blankets, coasters, pillows and other essentials, but they also provide clever seating solutions when you have unexpected guests. Some varieties have added benefits that make them well worth the investment, such as converting into tabletop surfaces when you want to take your meals in front of the television or serving as a clean, comfortable space to work when you bring your work home with you.

Sofas With Pull-Out Drawers

Sofa makers are getting creative when it comes to features these days. Many of them now come with cleverly concealed charging stations for mobile devices. Some of them even offer drawers beneath where you can store all manner of blankets, pillows and other living room essentials.

It isn’t difficult at all to find furniture and décor items that pull double duty when it comes to clever storage solution. Contact us today for help in finding the perfect Flagstaff apartment where you can try out these innovative solutions for yourself.

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