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5/5/2020 3:39 AM

Show Mama some appreciation! Win a prize!

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  • As we learn to listen, we also listen to learn. We are choosing to make our social space a place to listen to and learn from the ongoing discourse on social justice and equity across the nation. We will not be posting outside of this conversation through next week. We hope that what we do share will help further this meaningful dialog and bring hope and encouragement to our community. We invite you to engage with us, listen with us, and learn with us over the next week. We’re grateful to those using their voices to educate and advocate. We hear you. #livewhereyoumatter
  • Remember: We’re all in this together. Together we can create lasting, meaningful change in our communities. Together, we can show love and support for each other. Together, we can ensure our communities are kept safe and remain united. We’re here with you. We’re here for you. #livewhereyoumatter
  • Friday is National Donut day! Treat yourself!
  • We are here from 7-9pm tonight to answer any questions you may have! Ask away!
  • Let’s enjoy Memorial Day lunch outside. Eat by your door and wave to your neighbors!
  • Call these people for food assistance.
  • Learn to cook yummy Chinese food! Go to
  • Show Mama some appreciation! Win a prize!
  • Let’s make signs to thank those who work on the front line during COVID-19
  • Join Haiyan cooking nutritious Chinese food
  • Bored sitting at home? Let’s decorate! Prizes!
  • NO breed or weight restrictions here!
#lovewhereyoulive #relaxandstayawhile #pineviewvillage
  • Please don't flush wipes or paper towels, even the