How to Meet People at Your Apartment!

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Chances are, when you first move into a new apartment, you see every surrounding door as a new stranger. Well we’re here to encourage you to look at those doors differently: as unique opportunities to meet new people. One thing that sets us apart is our sense of community, and we want to encourage you to embrace your part in it. We’re a puzzle, and you’re an essential piece! Not sure where to start? Here are five tips to help you meet your neighbors:

Check the Mail. You get your mail key on your first day here … which means you have an opportunity to start meeting people from Day One! When you check your mail, also check out who’s around you. It only takes a moment to catch the eye of the other person checking their mailbox and say hello. Introduce yourself!

Hit the Gym. One way to easily meet people with mutual interests? Head to the gym! Leave your iPod at home and be open to starting up a conversation with the other folks working out with you.

Walk the Dog. Head to the dog park and swap tips (or horror stories) with the other animal lovers there. Walking the dog isn’t just the way guys in 90’s movies pick up girls anymore … It’s a great way for anyone to spark up a conversation!

Count on CARES. Are you shy when it comes to meeting new people or starting conversations? Our awesome CARES Team is here to help with that. With free events every month, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet your neighbors. And the CARES Team is more than happy to chat with you and help get you started meeting new people and feeling more at home!

Take Chances. Walking to your car and pass a neighbor? Say hi. Taking the trash to the dumpster and pass a neighbor? Say hi. Doing the laundry? Say hi! If you feel comfortable with it, leave your door open while you’re home, and say hello to anyone who catches your eye through the door. Stop by the Welcome Center and talk to whoever else is waiting. Don’t be afraid to turn every day into an opportunity to meet someone new!

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