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Joys of Keeping a Daily Diary

What did you do two months ago today? Did anything significant happen a year ago? Most of us don’t remember, but if you follow the time-honored tradition of keeping a journal or diary, you’ll make sure that those old days aren’t lost days. Here are some journaling tips to get you started. What Can You…

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Tips for Grooming Your Dog This Summer

During these uncertain times, it's important to stay as well as possible while also caring for your pets. If you’re hesitant about going to a professional dog groomer, there are grooming tasks you can do right in your Flagstaff apartment. Use the following dog grooming tips to keep your pets in good condition all season long.…

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Healthy Strawberry Desserts for Summer

Strawberries provide a nutritious way to enjoy sweet treats this summer. If you’re looking for healthy desserts to make this season, consider making the following recipes.   Strawberry Frozen Yogurt This strawberry recipe only requires a few ingredients and a short amount of time to make. You’ll need frozen strawberries, honey or agave nectar, plain non-fat…

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