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Located conveniently near the downtown area of Flagstaff, Arizona, Pine View Village apartments offers attractive accommodations in a cozy community for college students, working people and young families. Residents enjoy the fun and relaxing clubhouse and the fully equipped fitness center. You'll enjoy walking through the complex, using the attractive outdoor facilities, including gazebos and outdoor grills.

Pine View Village offers many desirable features for college students who need to share an apartment, such as individually locking bedroom doors, 24/7 emergency maintenance, roommate lease options, WiFi access and more. The complex is located conveniently near to NAU and many important downtown centers.

We are particularly proud of the convenience and affordability that comes with living near to grocery stores and places of employment, as well as to the university. A person could take care of all the necessities of life here and completely do without the expense of owning and operating an automobile!

Affordable Nearby Grocery Stores

Many of our residents say they especially enjoy the selection of exciting and affordable grocery stores that are nearby. Here are just a few of the fine local grocery retailers that our residents frequent.

  • Safeway: Located conveniently in University Plaza, this is a popular choice, with many locations.
  • Whole Foods Market: Although this option may be less affordable than the others, it has world-class items and a huge selection.
  • Bashas': A locally owned gem with all freshly made items and a real butcher shop for freshness, this is a resident favorite.
  • Sprouts Farmers Market: As a specialty chain with a marvelous selection of fresh and organic fare, you're sure to find what you're looking for, at an affordable price.
  • Natural Grocers: This is another great source for natural and organic food.
  • Los Altos Mexican Mini Mart: This store is Flagstaff's No. 1 choice for specialty Mexican ingredients and entrées.
  • New Frontiers Natural Foods: Tired of natural and organic foods? Neither are we!
  • Farmers Brothers Coffee: Get your bean on with this fresh and friendly coffee specialty grocery.

If you're looking for a great, affordable and fun place to live while going to NAU or working in the Flagstaff area, contact us today to learn more about PIne View Village.

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