Go for the Gold: Throw an Awesome Grammy Party!

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The Grammys are coming! The Grammys are coming! It’s the biggest night of the year for music, and you can be part of it from the comfort of your own home. Of all the annual award shows the Grammys are probably our favorite: it’s like an amazing concert from all the hottest artists in the industry! Not only that … the Grammys are also an excuse to throw an elaborate show. And we’re not just talking about on TV. What better reason to gather friends and family for awesome food and music than a Grammy party?

Here are some award-worthy tips for making your Grammy Award party “sing”:

Rock the Casbah

The Grammys are a big night for music … So how can you even imagine celebrating without a rockin’ playlist?! Power up your cellphone, laptop, or tablet and make a playlist of all the nominated tracks. Not sure who’s up for an award? You can find the full list of nominees here. Pick your favorite artists or categories and download the nominated tracks. (And we’re talking legally here, folks … remember, piracy is NOT cool, no matter what Jack Sparrow may say.) Pre-party with your favorite songs, and you’ll dance even harder when they take home the gold!

Dress to Impress

Come on, guys … This is the Grammys we’re talking about! Don’t leave the dressing up to the nominees. Break out your fancy dress and celebrate in style! Make your Grammy Awards party a dress-coded affair with everyone arriving in outfits worthy of the red carpet. Or, have your guests come in character. Invite your guests to dress as their favorite Grammy-nominated star. Bonus: Have special party favors for guests dressed like the actual winners! When their performer wins, have the guest dressed liked the winner give their own little award speech during the commercial break, and make sure everybody gives them a solid round of applause.

Deck the Halls

Turn your living room into the red carpet, or a pre-show dance club. It’s all about the glitz and glamor, so go all out. Head to the Dollar Store, Party City, or Michael’s for all the decorations you’ll need. Black and gold are the traditional colors of the Grammys, but don’t feel the need to limit yourself to those colors. Take cues from the nominees’ albums and music videos. Have goody bags for all your guests, and special snacks and appetizers fit for the occasion!

Pass the Mic

Encourage the celebration of music with plenty of song and dance. We’re talking about making sure there’s plenty of room to dance around … and a karaoke machine. Find the karaoke version of nominated songs on YouTube and share in a little friendly competition with your friends by performing your best live versions of the songs!

Fun and Games

No party is complete without plenty of fun and games. Beside karaoke, have print outs of the nominees and challenge your friends to pick the winners before the awards start. Have a prize for the winner. Remember the costumes you’re all wearing? Have a prize for best dressed, or the person who best emulates their musical icon. Create a custom party hashtag and have your friends share their photos from the party to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all night to share all the fun you’re having! (Hint: Follow and tag us on Instagram as you post! We’d love to see your photos, too!)

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have a blast before, during, and long after the awards! Tune in to the Grammy Awards on Monday, February 15th, at 8ET/5PT on CBS!

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