4 Amazing Study Spots in Flagstaff

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While plenty of students spend time studying from the comfort of their apartment, it is only natural that a change a scenery is helpful for studying. Not all study spots are created equally, however. Students need a quiet place that preferably provides snacks, coffee and plenty of open study spaces.

Here are four of the top destinations for studying near Flagstaff apartments.

Flagstaff's Top Public Library Is a Great Spot for Student Studying

For students who plan on bringing their own snacks and energy drinks/caffeine, a spacious library will fit the bill nicely. To that end, the Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library provides plenty of study desks, PCs and comfortable lounge chairs. These amenities make Flagstaff's top public library a great place for students looking to get out of the apartment when it comes time to study.

Students in Need of Writing Help Should Head to Cline Library

Northern Arizona University's Cline Library employs writing assistants at the university's Writing Commons area. Any Flagstaff residents attending Northern Arizona University would be wise to get help with their academic papers through these helpful university resources.

White Dove Coffee Shop Provides a Tranquil Study Atmosphere

As the name implies, White Dove Coffee Shop is a relaxing Flagstaff coffee shop that doubles as a great place to study. Students get the java jolt needed to cram for the big exam or relax with assigned reading throughout the semester.

The Flagstaff Aquaplex

While the Flagstaff Aquaplex may be best known for its incredible pool and climbing wall, its lounge area also makes for a good place to study. For students looking to study with the home feel of a fireplace and generous lounge area, the Flagstaff Aquaplex is a quality away from home study destination.

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