6 Ways to Drink More Water

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pouring water into a glassHot summers are an inevitable part of life at our apartments in Flagstaff, and we want to make sure everyone stays happy, healthy and hydrated. It can be easy to forget to drink enough water throughout the day, which can lead to serious problems before you even realize it.

Not sure how to get more water into your daily diet? Check out these six tips:

1. Fill Your Pitcher With Flavor

Not a fan of the bland taste of water? Surpass the unpleasantness by infusing fruits, veggies, or herbs into your water. As an added bonus, don't forget to fill your ice cube trays so you always have tasty ice on hand.

2. Form a Habit

If you drink a glass of water after every bathroom break, you'll discover that the formation of this habit helps keep you hydrated.

3. Use an App

We all know there's an app for everything. Put technology to good use by downloading an app that helps you keep track of your daily water consumption. Try Daily Water Free – Water Reminder and Counter.

4. Find a Good Filter

Get rid of the gross stuff so you're only taking in the good by investing in high-quality filters that make it easy to drink water wherever you go. Pitchers are great for home use, but consider adding a couple portable filters to your collection to get the most out of your investment.

5. Focus on Water-Rich Foods

Did you know that certain foods naturally contain lots of water? Add some strawberries, watermelon, and cucumber to your cart next time you hit the grocery store to stock up on healthy treats that hydrate, too.

6. Hydrate Before Every Meal

Sipping on water before you eat will ensure that you don't forget about that pesky glass sitting on the table. When dining out, order a water as soon as you sit down!

If you're committed to drinking more water, it sounds like you're starting the summer out on the right foot. Why not keep the positive trend going by seeking a new apartment that includes a 24-hour fitness center? Stop by Pine View Village to check out all of our great amenities today!

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