Foods Your Pet Should Avoid This Holiday Season

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Cat eating chipIt's natural to want to include your four-legged friends in your holiday preparations. Pets are family members too, after all. However, many of our favorite festive foods and even plants can be harmful to animals. 

As you're decorating your Flagstaff, AZ apartment, baking cookies, and enjoying holiday meals, follow these tips to keep your pet safe.

Foods to Avoid Giving Fido or Fluffy

  • Garlic and onions - The Allium plant species, which includes onions and garlic, are highly toxic to dogs and cats. That means no stuffing or potato dishes for your pet.
  • Processed pork products – Contrary to popular belief, bacon and ham are not appropriate pet treats. They are extremely difficult for animals to digest and can cause potentially life-threatening pancreatitis.
  • Bones – Though they seem like a gourmet treat for your dog, discarded bones from the turkey or ham are unsafe for dogs because they can splinter inside the stomach.
  • Macadamia nuts – Nuts have a high fat content, which can cause stomach upset in pets. Macadamias are especially toxic to animals and can cause tremors, vomiting, and even paralysis.
  • Baked goods – Xylitol, an artificial sweetener common in commercially baked sweets, has been linked to liver failure and even death in pets. 

Don't be discouraged, as there are plenty of other animal-safe foods you can treat your pet to. Perfectly safe (and tasty!) options include plain cooked sweet or regular potatoes, unseasoned cooked carrots and green beans, pumpkin, and unsweetened apples or bananas. 

A Note on Poisonous Plants

In addition to food, many homes display traditional red poinsettias or holly boughs during the holidays, but they are unfortunately highly toxic to pets. If ingested, dogs and cats could suffer from severe stomach issues. Feel free to decorate, but keep these plants up high or use artificial ones.

We know pets are truly like family, so we have a variety of pet-friendly Flagstaff apartments to choose from. Contact us today to see which ones are available. Happy holidays and "bone" appetit!

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