Sleep Soundly With These Easy Bedroom Transformations

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BedAt the end of a busy day, you just want to snuggle into bed for a solid night of peaceful sleep. If you are having a hard time falling asleep, never feel comfortable in bed, or wake up groggy, it may be time to give the bedroom of your Flagstaff apartment a mini-makeover.

Choose a color scheme

Color impacts mood, so opt for a bedroom color scheme that has a spa-like peaceful feel. Linens, accent pillows, and wall décor are all easy places to pop in calming hues. Lilac, ice blue, mint green, and soft yellows are peaceful shades that promote sleep while navy feels cozy and welcoming. Avoid dark purples and reds, which can add to stress. 

Clean up clutter

In order to fall asleep, your mind needs to relax. Clutter adds to mental strain and makes it difficult to feel peaceful. Clear off nightstands, put away clothing, and ban clutter from the bedroom.

Use high-quality sheets

No one sleeps well on scratchy sheets. Considering that between seven and nine hours a day are spent in bed, it makes sense to buy the best sheets and pillows you can afford. For high-quality sheets that won’t break the bank, look for 100% cotton options between 300 and 500 thread count.

Add a little white noise

The idea of adding noise into a peaceful place seems counterintuitive. However, the mind often has a hard time turning off when the environment is too quiet. A white noise machine, fan, or playing nature sounds, can help you drift off into slumber.

Make the bed

A good night’s sleep starts in the morning. Spend a few minutes making the bed and your nighttime routine will feel more relaxing and peaceful. Crisply pulled back sheets are much nicer to crawl under and your bed will welcome you to rest.


It’s always easier to sleep in an apartment you love! To check out our Flagstaff apartments with beautifully designed master bedrooms, give us a call today.

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